Invest in the Future of our Church and Foster the UOL’s Missions
Mission Statement:
The Ukrainian Orthodox League is a national volunteer organization of members in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the U.S.A. who are committed to:
  • Promoting the Orthodox Faith
  • Supporting the goals and missions of the Church
  • Developing the potential and active participation of our youth
  • Preserving our Ukrainian heritage and culture
Donations to UOL Projects will be used for:
  • Publication of the UOL BULLETIN
  • Supporting the Youth Commission’s activities with preteen, Juniors and Young Adults
  • Outreach through the Christian Care-giving and Missions Commission to the needy in our parish families, communities, and sister eparchies in South America and Ukraine.
  • Continuation of the Education Commission projects and services
  • Ukrainian Cultural Projects
  • Public Relations and other administrative necessities.
If you would like to donate, please use the form HERE
Donations to the Lynn Sawchuk-Sharon Kuzbyt Scholarship fund will:
  • Provide Scholarships to current or former Junior UOL members who are leaders in their parishes and communities and committed to their faith
  • Nurture the future leaders of our Church
  • Encourage youth to strive to their ultimate potential as it benefits their Mother Church and her League
  • Foster the UOL’s motto: “Devoted to its Youth
Donations to the MJSF Scholarship Fund will:
  • Provide tuition assistance to seminarians at our St. Sophia’s Seminary
  • Encourage candidates to the Holy Priesthood
  • Provide tuition assistance to our clergy and seminarians for higher education
  • Uphold the UOL’s Motto: “Dedicated to its Church”
If you would like to donate, please use the form HERE
You can donate to the Annual Fund Drive online via Paypal HERE.  Please ensure that this donation will benefit this ministry by clicking "In Memory of/To Honor" and specifying the Annual Fund Drive.

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