UOL Structure and Commissions

Over the years, the UOL has evolved into an organization for all ages with Senior and Junior chapters throughout the Church's parishes. Both the Senior and Junior UOL have National Executive Boards with officers who are elected at the National UOL Convention. The UOL has the following Commissions that were formed to handle projects of top priority, the Chairperson is listed in parentheses:

  • Christian Care Giving and Missions (Anna Anderson / Karen Ferraro)
  • Education (Oleh Bilynsky / Teresa Linck)
    • Essay Contest
    • Educational Seminars
    • Retreat Liaison
  • Public Relations (Lisa Ryan)
  • Vocations and Clergy Support (Jack Roditski)
    • MJSF (Jack Roditski)
  • Ways and Means (Patricia Walton)
  • Youth (John Holowko)
    • Junior League (John Holowko)


  • Awards (Joe Goodge)
  • All Saints Camp Delegate (John Holowko)
  • Archives (John Holowko)
  • Constitution/Handbook (Dr. Natalie Bilynsky and Daria Pishko-Komichak)
  • Cultural (TBD)
  • LSSK Scholarship Fund (Anna Anderson)
  • Membership and Chapter Development (Daria Pishko-Komichak)
  • Eastern PA Lenten Retreat (Oleh Bilynsky)
  • Western PA Lenten Retreat (Oleh Bilynsky)
  • Western FL Lenten Retreat (Oley Bilynsky)
  • UOL Bulletin (Dr. Natalie Bilynsky)
  • 73rd Annual Convention (Andrea Swann)

Chapter Liaisons

  • Oleh Bilynsky: Philadelphia, PA; Coatsville, PA
  • Anna Anderson: Carnegie, PA; Youngstown, OH 
  • Jack Roditski: New Britain, CT; Maplewood, NJ; Wilmington, DE
  • Lisa Ryan: Parma, OH; Woonsocket, RI; Northampton, PA
  • Daria Pishko-Komichak: Members-at-Large; Palos Park, IL; South Bound Brook, NJ 
  • Patricia Walton - Troy NY
  • Joe Goodge - Sharon, PA; Lyndora, PA
  • John Holowko - Carteret, NJ
Junior UOL Committees + Liaisons

Committees and Commissions

  • Alexis Naumenko: Chapter Recruitment; Pysh Travel Grant

  • Madeline Zetick:  Annual Raffle; Web Site Liaison; Membership Retention

  • Natalie Hrytsay: Local Chapter Programing

  • Rachel Harendza: Christian Caregiving

  • Hrystyna Petrylo: Fundraising

Chapter Liaisons

  • Alexis Naumenko: Palos Park, IL; Chicago, IL; West Islip, NY; Jones, OK

  • Madeline Zetick: Johnson City, NY; Woonsocket, RI; Parma, OH  

  • Natalie Hrytsay: Philadelphia, PA; Youngstown, OH; Sharon, PA

  • Rachel Harendza: Coatesville, PA; Allentown, PA

  • Hrystyna Petrylo: Pittsburgh (South Side), PA; Carnegie, PA

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